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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Navi Encre is MSME registered publisher that publishes books in all languages and genres. Our primary goal is to provide writers and their works real wings. We've published a number of books and we're constantly seeking to expand our publishing tree.

We offer a lot of opportunities including contests, challenges, and other events in addition to publishing books in order to help writers develop their writing talents.

Our team comprises of very kind and helpful members whom you can contact in case of any queries or concerns that you may have.

Our Story

Shashank Saxena established Navi Encre in 2017. Initially, as a memorial to his father, he founded the 'Navi- The Poetry Club,' a small poetry community where writers from all over the world can join and showcase their writing talent. After receiving so much love and positive feedback from the writers, he went on to start his own publishing business, "Navi Encre," which serves as a global platform for aspiring writers and poets.
Navi Encre is now a family of 10,000+ writer members across the world.





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