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Sakshee Mishra


She belongs to the Munger city established by Chandragupta Maurya,once a capital of India in reign of Mir Qasim. She hails from the "Yoga nagri" filled up with serenity and art of life.
She excelled her Bachelor's in English literature in 2019 from Munger , Bihar. She is crafted with her vices of being a good listener, influencer sometimes and a composed writer. She has compiled a book named "Emancipating the Soul of pen" along with that she has debuted herself as an Editor of the solo book "Kalam ki Nokh per Zindagi".
She is determined with curious aspirations , dedication and commitment. Her passion of writing makes her an orator of true instincts. She lives every moment of life and cherishes them with several experiences.

Sakshee Mishra


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Emancipating The Soul Of Pen

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