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30 Days 30 Poems Challenge


"Encre Your Poem" is a 30 days 30 poems challenge organized by Navi Encre Publications in which writers have to write one poem a day for 30 days. At the end of the challenge, their work will be compiled and published as an individual poetry books.

This challenge not only gives them a chance to hone their writing skills and make themselves better writers but also a chance to become a published authors... 

This challenge aims to encourage and recognize talented writers from all over the country.

Focus on Goal

Yes, amazing awards await you but that should not be your only goal in participating in this challenge. Your goal should be to improve your writing skills and take your writing to the next level with "Encre Your Poem". If you achieve this goal, you will feel more proud and happy for yourself.  And that will also fulfill your goal of winning awards and you just might be the next best seller.

Compete With Yourself

Everyone knows that their biggest competitor is themselves but still almost everyone is wasting their time in competing with others. And this challenge is for those who believe in it, i.e. compete with yourself.  Because it's the only way to find the better version of yourself.

Writing Poem is like making Tea

Writing poetry is not as difficult as it seems. Writing poetry is very easy. It's like making tea  where paper is like a vessel in which you have to put impressive words as ingredients and in the end, make it beautiful like boiling tea to make it delicious.


To participate in the "EncreYourPoem" challenge, writers need to register their names by submitting the registration form.

Every day, after the registration period is over, writers who register for this challenge will be given a form to fill out and submit the poem they have written for that day.

Registration:- Going on...
Submission:- After registeration, participants will get submission form for 30 days everyday.
Language:- English & Hindi (Hinglish not allowed)
Theme:- Open Theme
Registration fees:- ₹2499/- 

After all this, the entries are judged on the basis of originality, creativity and adherence to the guidelines.



Writers must follow these guidelines otherwise the writer may be disqualified from the event.

1. Writer assures that there are no personal attacks or hatred against a real person, organization, community, or Religion.
2. The writer assures that their work is original. That means no plagiarized work is allowed.
3. The Writing should not be published in any other Book /Magazine.
4. This is a poetry writing challenge. So send poetry only. This means that quotes or story submissions will not be accepted.

Just write what your mind says and rhyme your words...

Think outside your comfort zone because your poems are waiting at the end of IT.


Only selected writers will get a chance to avail themselves of these benefits. So, do all you can to become one of those selected writers.

1. Book Publish
The following are the details of the book publishing kit that will be presented to the Selected writers:

  • Book Formatting

  • Book Editing or Proofreading

  • Cover Design 

  • ISBN Allocation & Barcode Generation

  • One complimentary copy of your book

  • Royalty - 80%

  • National Online Distribution on Amazon & Flipkart

  • Author Sales Dashboard

  • Monthly payouts of your book sale

  • Publishing Agreement

2. E- Certificate of Participation & Publication.
3. 20% off on your next solo book.
4. Promotional posters for the promotion of your book (Posters of bo
ok launch & cover launch)
5. Free nomination in our Encre's Talent Awards.
6. Participant's interview on our youtube channel.
7. Feature as an author on our website
8. Every selected writer will be mentioned in our article (Press Release on 300+ news sites).

Explore things around you and make it a poem...

Inspire yourself and others with your writing.


1. No additional fee will have to be paid after the registration fee.
2. The selection will be made among the writers who have completed the challenge and followed all the guidelines.
3. Registration fees will be refunded if the writer will not get selected after completing the challenge.
4. If you don't follow any guidelines or leave the challenge midway, you will be disqualified and money will not be refunded in that case.  (Because you are not rejected but disqualified).
5. You will be provided with extra time(limited time) in case you're not able to write on any day.

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Person holding money


You can get 100% cashback and enjoy all the benefits for free if...

1. You can also get 100% cashback if at least 10 writers join this challenge with your referral code.
2. Your Referral code for your cashback will be given to you via mail after your registration.
3. Cashback offer is valid only if you follow all the guidelines provided by the organizer

For Info, Contact Us at +91- 7465907777

To Participate in this Challenge, Click here

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