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Our Events

Are you aware that there are many things in our world to which a human can relate? 

But do you know what a human is most connected to?


It's poetry.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

Writing Contests:

Take part in various writing contests like poetry writing, short stories, anthology books, etc. Follow us at @naviencre on Instagram to keep updated about the latest writing contests

Take A Look At These Poetry Events That We Organize

Open Mic:

We organize the most groundbreaking poetry, storytelling & motivational speech events online. Many poets from almost every corner of the country join us. Venue: Our YouTube Channel: Navi The Poetry Club. We are also planning on organizing physical events. Stay Tuned!

Image by Simon H
Image by Dylan Gillis


If you are good at something, try to be better at it.

We organize various online workshops and seminars for poets or aspiring poets that focus on a special topic.

Writing Community:

Did we tell you we have a free Whatsapp Writers Community

“NAVI ENCRE WRITING COMMUNITY” where you can share your thoughts and get connected with great artists. We organize weekly challenges for the members.


Join our community by connecting us over WhatsApp at


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