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Encre's Talent Fest

An inevitable event

"From the Grasslands to deserts let's portray a heart of full experts"

The Encre's Fest inculcated immense creativity in its five different levels.

Every event marked its own success story, new personalities, new souls evolved from the events to roar. Some introverts won the contests whereas some extroverts learned to express and the ambiverts exclaimed their talent infront of us.

The very first event starting from:

1. Microcuento :

This event was to create micro tales upon themes. The expression was expected to be most precised one so that in 20 words they had to state everything they wanted to. We got acquainted with eminent writers, but the winners were too pro in their work. The names which came up with shine were: Sweta Tiwari, Sabyasachi Panda and Harinder Kaur Dhunna. All the three marked the 20 words expression so well and cherished the opportunity. The simulator of this event was our team member Akansha ; she is our Proof reader.

2. Caption writing {Représentation d'image}:

This section was the most peculiar section as it was filled up with u said representation of the images and the participants had to encre it upon their canvas. Typical hints such logical reasonings and embodiment of true emotions. All the participants made a superb trial of it but our winners were just amazing. They put infront of us such meritorious hints and those symbolic glimpses which were totally unseen. Even their captions made the picture more appealing to the audience. The winners were: Vijay Kumar Verma, Sabyasachi Panda and sadly saying our brilliant presenter Late Debangsi Kar. All the three had projected the image in a way to built it more clearly in the mind of the people once we read their captions. The event coordinator and brilliant person was our team member Shipra Thakur; she is Creative head in our community.

3. Hindi writing( Shilalekh):

Hindi writeup was a challenge which made our new elated minds to twist their tongue and mind to create such a piece that becomes inscriptions like we have Asokan inscriptions today. The contestants gave their best with typical hindi no Hinglish and proved how their heart still beats for hindi. The winners were : Komal Kheria, Garima Sawlani and Anu Priya. All the three portrayed it so well that we it became very difficult for us to choose winner.The organiser of this event was our Founder itself Shashank Saxena. One of the creative minds in hindi literature and poetry lives within him.

4. English writing {Encre de Sentiments}:

Sentiments are so tough to Penn down but this time the challenge made it happen, in the face of English writing it was challeng to put down the sentiments they had in order to win it. Limited words and accurate projection was a tough job but the winners did it. The participants were also so interactive that they performed very well. The winners of this event were: Garima Sawlani, Gurpahul Kaur and Shubham Bose. All the three were best in encring their sentiments. This event was managed by our team member Ashita Sharma; She is marketting head in our community.

5. Open mic ( Mehfil; The untold verses):

This was the last event of our Encre's Fest although such an enthusiastic event it was, the performers were well intact with the event. As the name suggests everyone put forward a series of Hindi, English and some Hinglish poetries, short stories as well as some verses. It was very difficult for us to choose the top 3 as all the participants were superb. The judgement was made upon their presentation, introduction, fluency, timing and grammar. Many new faces came up with confidence without their camera fears. It was truly a fruitful evening as well as fruitful event. The winners who came up with flying colours were: Rita Punit Upadhyay,Md. Zishan Ansari and Shreyashi Srivastava. All the three made a true Mehfil of untold verses. This enthusiastic event was hosted by our community host and team member Sakshee Mishra.

Last but not the least all the winners got some interesting perks of being featured on our YouTube channel from Open mic, Instagram feature and some price amounts too. All the five events marked the presence of unity and integrity with perfect coordination. So keep intact your strings with us for further events.

- by Sakshee Mishra

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Sakshee Mishra
Sakshee Mishra
Dec 05, 2021

It's just overwhelming

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