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Kaleidoscope : My Journal | Rokala Krishna

Title:- Kaleidoscope: My Journal

On the summer of a Sunday afternoon at the priory,

I was diving deep,

into the memories caged in the pages of my diary.

there were different flavours blended in each memory,

Some were sweet & some were savoury.

As i was walking down the memory lane,


i started missing your wise words & sound of your cane.

The summers we spent together gazing at the ripples of backyad lake,

The swing that kept me on toes and the cycle with a broken brake.

The teddy that you brought,

still keeping me warm in hazy days,

The lullby that you sang,

still brightening my sorrowfull days.

Although i miss you alot,

but i won't falter and i won't rot.

like a new sprout shooting from an old tree,

i will carry your hope , i will live free

Please watch me grow from heaven above,

let me show you how your little angel can evolve.

Author :- Rokala Krishna

His Insta. id. :- rkrishna_kaiser


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