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Letter From The Future | Jain Mansi Ashok

Title: - Letter From The Future

Everything outside the window is covered in mist, there’s wind coming in the room which is causing the pages of the books to flutter, the sky is thundering and from that sky appears a hand holding a letter in a glass bottle..

The Letter reads:

ONCE UPON A TIME you were a girl who’s heart was filled with making her parents proud and your mind was filled with dreams.

You wanted to travel - see all the beautiful places and ugly truths of the world with a lover to kiss your lips along with your parents blessings for times filled with bliss and also for the time filled with misery.

You were an ideal child with good grades,no-guy drama, no addiction issues. Like a gold chain around the neck your parents flaunted you in front of the relatives. You were happy as long as your parents were too.. BUT for all the highs there is a low and your low came when you scored 72% in your 12th grade. No longer were your parents flaunting, no longer there was the confident feeling. This was your first taste of FAILURE.

Everyone says failure is the first step to success but has anyone ever told you that this is the step that shatters your belief in yourself, that wipes the smile away from your face and fills your eyes with tears and heart with fear. With low grades and shattered dreams you started applying for colleges, wondering would there ever be a seat for someone with such poor grades!!

You wanted to study literature but your research showed no concrete job prospects as an English major so you sat for an entrance exam for Computer Science with its promising future. You started working hard to piece together your shattered dreams, and with perseverance you cleared the exam securing a seat at one of the prestigious colleges of Mumbai- Mithibai College.

Sometimes, in fact quite a lot of times your well researched plans are not going to work. So:

“Let the coin be tossed, let your fingers be crossed,

Because ‘it will all be alright’, says someone from across.”

Trust the process, love yourself and be a forever learner..

Your future self !!

Poet: Jain Mansi Ashok

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