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Meet N. M. Diya Ganesh: A Rising Author with a Heartfelt Story to Share

Meet N. M. Diya Ganesh, an exciting new voice in the literary world! Diya's debut book, "Life is Beauty. Did you see it?", takes readers on a heartfelt journey through her life experiences. With a blend of personal memories, fun anecdotes, and insightful reflections, Diya's writing captivates and inspires. As we delve into her story, you'll discover the talent, hard work, and compassion that define this remarkable author. Get ready to be enchanted by Diya's words and inspired by her journey. Let's dive in!

  • Hello Diya, how you describe yourself to our readers?

Hello! I'm N M Diya Ganesh. I'am very glad to introduce myself as a new Author in the town, which makes me feel super excited to join and connect with you all in the writers world. A little girl with dreams dazzling all around the roads I take.Having a piece of paper and a pen, I was hustling about to write about my incredible journey of my life and introduce myself to the world. I penned down certain memories in my very first Diary "Life is Beauty. Did you see it?"

  • When did you start writing and how has been your experience so far?

As a child, at a very tender age, I was inspired by Anne Frank, Author of the book "The Diary of a young girl". The journey of thousand miles, blooming gracefully about the various instances and obstacles that my parents faced in nurturing my siblings and myself was indeed the most greatful sacrifice they ever could. The way my sturdy mom took courage in all her actions to support the family, was all about the way inspired many women's out there. My schooldays, childhood, friends and family has also played crucial role in life and made it to reach the milestone and embark onto the journey of my life.

  • What inspired you to write?  What do you most enjoy writing about?

Born and bought up in the beautiful village also renowned as "Scotland of India" --- Coorg and the memories I gathered all along the journey to the school, coffee estates, cousin's place, grandparents house, paddy fields, river visits and making them fill my hearts laughter made me feel to take a piece of paper and fill them in the form of framed words so that, whenever I opened those pages gave me back those memories. I would rather love to write about the life of people because diving deep into the life of the visioned things around makes me to replace myself and think about the most scalable thoughts and this would give me more ideas and perception of a better life. I love to imagine things. Creativity lies in imagination. Remembering the words of Lauren Bacall "Imagination is the highest kite one can fly". I love writing about life, detailed description of the elements of nature and about the elements around me.

  • What kind of writing you do? How do you source ideas for your writing?

I love writing about life, detailed description of the elements of nature and about the elements around me.

  • Describe your writing journey in one word/quote. What is best compliment you received as an author?

It was my Authentic and incredible journey writing about the book "Life is Beauty.Did you see it?" Words can't describe the passion and efforts I have put into the work which has now taken the form as a book. If your words has touched the essence of the readers heart then you won.

  • What do you do apart form writing and How do you find time to write?

Apart from writing, I do sketching, painting, fabric designing, crafts, play throwball and singing. "Passion gives Pleasure". We always spend more time on what we really love for. So here and there I make time to write and read books apart from the day to day schedule.

  • Tell us about your book Why should the reader read it?

So here I am with my very first diary, penning down the ideas, thoughts, experiences, memories and series of memories through which i could broaden my mind and dive deep into the vision of life. These valuable experiences which i have encountered and by which i also got to know more about myself which directly led me towards the massive experience of how i lived through it. Here are stories and anecdotes of those i have made memories with and my beautiful childhood. The most beautiful and important was my family and the series of events i have had sunk into. So enjoy this piece of work and you would surely get to know about the "Little me". Wouldn't that be just wonderful?

  • How was your experience working with Navi Encre Publication?

It was a fabulous journey working with the "Navi Encre Publication". Thanking each one in the team for Publishing my dream work.

  • What are your future goals in writing world?

As a child nobody has mastered the art of speaking, writing, grasping things etc. So here is the same for the writers. Slowly as days and years passes you grow and start to attract your readers. There are compliments and criticism at the same time. But don't give up writing and sinking into the creative world.

  • What suggestions will you give to aspiring writers?

Only when there like and unlike poles you get the world revolving. So then why do you hesitate. Lets make it a move. Writing is your idea. One may like it the other maynot. But it's your responsibility to grow and not give up.

  • Is there a message you want to share with our readers?

Firstly I thank my readers for the love and support you have already given me. I'm very greatful for that ☺️ Keep supporting the way you always do. I would work towards my responsibility and never miss an opportunity to please and entertain my lovely readers. Hoping for the best in the upcoming days. Thank you all!


We hope you enjoy this interview and take some inspiration from this talented writer, N M Diya Ganesh.

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