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Basics of Business Law

Author :

Dr. Varun Kumar

This book deals with the fundamental branches of business law, namely, the law of contract, the Sale of Goods Act 1930, the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881, the Indian Partnership Act 1932, Company Act 2013, and Consumer Protection Act 2019. The Object of this book “Basics of Business Law” is to set out the basic principles of Mercantile Law simply and clearly. The whole book is in the form of a capsule model and unnecessary explanations have been removed. New concepts and information have been incorporated wherever found necessary. A number of simple examples have been included to illustrate and reinforce understanding of the relevant legal provisions. The book has been written in simple language and a lucid style.

Basics of Business Law is intended to serve as a reference book for the students of B.Com, B.Com(Hons), BBA, MBA and also for those appearing for competitive examinations.

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