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Priyanshu Shekhar


Priyanshu Shekhar is an artist, published author, writer, poet, and compiler. Born in the historical city of Munger, founded by Chandragupta Maurya, Priyanshu is a literature graduate from Tilka Manjhi, University of Bhagalpur. He is currently pursuing his Masters from IGNOU. Apart from this, he loves reading novels, books of different genres, writing poetries, Shayari, and quotations. He is an active learner and seeker, a visionary, and a great wanderlust and nature lover. He loves meeting new people and developing long-lasting connections with them. Priyanshu believes literature is the mirror of society and he believes in the power of the pen. He writes to express his inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. He writes to inspire. others, to impact the people, society, and his country at large, and reach out globally to people through his writings. He has co-authored more than 30 anthologies and compiled an anthology with his writings.

Priyanshu Shekhar


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Impressions of The Mind and The Heart

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