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Balancing Acts: Navigating the Digital and Human in the Modern Era | Sree Booma Aravindhanpavai

Hey, this is the new digitized era,

Where the world is in hand, no longer near,

Hey, human brain, once mighty and wise,

Now only computers decipher zeroes and ones, no disguise.

We code our thoughts into algorithms divine,

But what ethical implications do we define?

Technological marvels, advancements galore,

Yet environmental degradation knocks at our door.

In this modern era, digital world's embrace,

We lack human feelings, in this fast-paced race.

Let's teach ordinary emotions, to the next generation's core,

For extraordinary empathy, let's open the door.

We vibe and connect with the trendy digital sphere,

But human emotions and feelings, we struggle to adhere.

In this modern era, let's strive to find,

A balance between the digital and human kind.

Author: - Sree Booma Aravindhanpavai

Insta I'd :- sreeboomaaravindhanpavai_099

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