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In a conversation with Author Priyanshu Shekhar

Priyanshu Shekhar is an artist, published author. Born in the historical city of Munger, founded by Chandragupta Maurya. He loves reading novels, books of different genres, writing poetries, Shayari, etc. He is an active learner and seeker, a visionary, and a great wanderlust and nature lover. Priyanshu believes literature is the mirror of society and he believes in the power of the pen. He writes to express his inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. He writes to inspire. others, to impact the people, society, and his country at large, and reach out globally to people through his writings.

Let us know more about him in this Interview...

  • Hello Priyanshu, how you describe yourself to our readers?

Priyanshu:- I'm Priyanshu Vandana Shekhar, the author and writer of the book- 'Impressions of the Mind and the Heart'. I'm a bibliophile and a wanderlust at the same time. I'm a nature lover and a seeker always trying out new possibilities. I've been a co-author for more than 50 books with many still going on. I've also compiled two anthologies as a compiler. I love composing poems, Shayari, writing stories, articles and essays. As a writer, I've tried my hands with different genres till now and trying to become better and better. I have a whole collection of books by different writers which I love to read. Other than this, I like listening to music and songs, meeting new people and developing lasting relationships with them. I wish to be a mirror of society and a torch-beater to guide others and be an inspiration for others.

  • When did you start writing and how has been your experience so far?

Priyanshu:- I always had this niche for book reading which engulfed writing as well. I used to read beautiful literary creations giving peace and delight to me but I didn't have the proper platform during my early days of writing. I remember beginning my writing journey during college when I used to write and post on social media. It was on random topics and mostly on special days. I got a lot of suggestions on writing on a proper platform but at that time I didn't have an awareness of how and where to write and get published. One day my best friend approached me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get published. From there my journey began and I haven't looked back since then. It's been around 7 years now and my experience has been just great and I continue to experience new things in life about writing. I can proudly say I've worked hard, improved and transformed myself in all these years. Today I'm growing and trying to become better and better. It hasn't been a piece of cake or a bed of roses for me but I can say it was and is all worth it

  • What inspired you to write?  What do you most enjoy writing about?

Priyanshu:- Every writer finds his or her inspiration in someone or something. Just like them, I also have someone and something to thank for being my inspiration. What has always inspired me to write is the lives of the common people and the downtrodden, how they live and their journey with struggle all their lives. What inspires me is the thought that always comes to my mind; writing to bring about impactful changes in the lives of the people and the society, surprising the whole nation and to the world. Being a torch beater is what motivates me to keep on writing. Whenever I write, I'm not the one writing, it feels as if everything is happening on its own, and words are flowing naturally. The feeling of being the reason for someone's smile or becoming an inspiration for others is what keeps me going on.

What I enjoy most writing about isn't something specific but if I were to answer your question, I would say it's the process which I love the most followed by constant modifications leading to a fruitful result of my creation. This is what I love the most as it teaches me a lot about improving myself, becoming better and better and never getting satisfied with my creations.

  • What kind of writing you do? How do you source ideas for your writing?

Priyanshu:- There isn't any specific kind of writing that I do. I compose poems and Shayaris, and at the same time, I pen down articles. I've tried my hands at writing stories as well and I'm still trying my hands at others. So, there isn't any particular kind of writing that I do. I write on different themes keeping different perspectives in my mind. I try to write in different genres which gives me a scope that brings me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow as a writer.

Speaking of sources for my writing, there isn't one. It all happens naturally, however, I do read books and other materials for guidance and further improvement but the sources and ideas for my writing come naturally irrespective of whatever theme I choose for my writing.

  • Describe your writing journey in one word/quote. What is best compliment you received as an author?

Priyanshu:- The journey is more enjoyable and memorable than the destination. It is the process that goes into the creation and the final product which is the true scent of success for a writer.

There are many compliments that I've received but the best among them was just a few words from my Mom and Dad- Proud of you, keep it up. You have a long way to go. Although I've been complimented by many but the praise coming from my parents is the best for me.

  • What do you do apart form writing and How do you find time to write?

Priyanshu:- Apart from writing, I spend my time reading books, listening to music and songs, and spending time in the lap of nature. I also love traveling as I get to learn a lot from the people I meet and most importantly, I get to cherish those beautiful places and appreciate the beauty of nature.

In the hectic life of today, it's not easy to find time for writing but when it comes to writing, I always try to give my utmost time to writing. On some days I'm busy but whenever I get time or whenever a thought or idea sprouts from my mind and a feeling arises out of my heart, I try to pen it down at that moment itself. So, I try my best to give sufficient time to write.

  • Tell us about your book Why should the reader read it?

Priyanshu:- My book- 'Impressions of the Mind and the Heart' isn't just a book of poetry containing a collection of poems sprouted from the seed of my mind. It's more than a collection. As the name suggests, my book is the impressions of my mind and my heart that arose within me and got penned on the pages. It's more of an Like other writers, my book also has something to give to the readers..

  • How was your experience working with Navi Encre Publication?

Priyanshu:- Speaking of my experiences with Navi Encre, I can proudly say that so far it has been one of the most memorable experiences that I have had working with a publication house. Every single experience from the beginning of my journey as a co-author in my debut anthology and my debut as a published writer, continuing with several anthologies till becoming a solo book writer by publishing my book with my name on the front of the cover page, all of it feels like a memorable journey, a dream come true for me. When asked about my experience with this publication, a few words aren't enough to describe but in short, as I mentioned above, it has been a journey never to be forgotten by me. Without NaviEncre I wouldn't be where I am today, so thank you so much Navi Encre for everything, it's all worth it.

  • What are your future goals in writing world?

Priyanshu:- Speaking of my future goals in the world of writing, I can say like many other poets writers and creative minds in this field, my goals are the goals of what a writer wants in his or her life.

My goals aren't like the lofty ideals of Middlemarch nor are they grand like the great heroes have. I'll say I do have goals set in my mind which include writing a collection of short stories, poems, articles and essays. Other than these, I have a plan of becoming a novelist and a horror story writer as well. There is one goal that needs to be mentioned here, and that is opening my own publication house.

Besides these goals that I've mentioned above, as of now there isn't any other goal at present but surely I'll be open to all future possibilities.

  • What suggestions will you give to aspiring writers?

Priyanshu:- As a writer, I have a few m suggestions for aspiring writers:

Focus on the process and the final product of the creation that you are going to present before the world, Don't ever think about what people will say, that is not in your hands, you can only write in a way to inspire others and be a beacon of hope to others.

Whatever you compose, give a purpose to it, Many write only for name and fame but you write to become an icon for others and a source of inspiration and profound changes in the lives of the people and society and the country. Remember you are not writing for yourself but for others, so when you write, write keeping your readers in mind.

Never become satisfied with what you write, always try to improve and be better.

  • Is there a message you want to share with our readers?

Priyanshu:- Well, there isn't something big that I have in my mind to share with my readers, just one thing-

When you read my book, read all of my poems and after reaching the end of the book, please leave your comments and feedback and your reviews.

Your reviews will help me improve but be honest in your reviews. It is the readers who decide the success of a book and its author. So, be truthful when you give your reviews.

Thank You!

We hope you enjoy this interview and take some inspiration from this Talented Author Priyanshu Shekhar.

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