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In Conversation with Young Author Trijal Raj

Trijal Raj is brilliant writer born on 8 august,2011 to parents Dr. Rachna Gupta and Dr. Sujit Kumar Raj. He had a love for literature since a very tender age. He started to write his first novel when he was only 10. He loves to read novels and wills to write more novels in future. He is very good at speeches and extempores and had won several prizes in that. Basically, he is a multi talented child. He loves to make unique science projects. He is also very good in studies. He has published two of his books so far with the help of Navi Encre Publications. He also received a "Inspiring Indian Award 2023 by Spectrum India.

Let us know more about him in this Interview...

  • Hello Trijal Raj, how you describe yourself to our readers?

Trijal:- I am Trijal Raj, a lover of literature as well as nature. I love to write and it is just my side hobby. I love to read novels and till date, I have red 58 novels. According to me, age is just a number. It can never stop me from doing anything. I love to write for you all and I am very grateful to recieve such support. My novels are ment to be read by adults and by teens.

  • When did you start writing and how has been your experience so far?

Trijal:- I started writing at an age of 6. I used to write short stories and poem but my stories and poems always made some sense. My mother and father had helped crucially in all this. At the age of 10, I crossed the first milestone by writing my first novel (The adventure they had). When it was brutally appreciated by my relatives, friends, teachers and my dear readers, I decided to publish it under the amazing publishing company Navi Encre. Till date, my experience has been really good and this is all because of my dear readers. I would specially like to thank Navi Encre for publishing by book with such ease. So far, I have written 2 books (The adventure they had, The adventure they had Volume 2). I find writing a fun task.

  • What inspired you to write?  What do you most enjoy writing about?

Trijal:- I am a novel addict and apart from writing novels, I simply love to read novels. My favourite author is Enid blyton, Till date I have read her 54 novels. Her novels inspired me to write novels myself not to become an author but to check the improvements I had made in English. My father and my mother played a main role in improving my English and bringing me to such a level. Thanks to my school Grizzly Vidyalaya, I have been converted from a sapling to Big tree. I especially love creating suspense and writing new words in my novels, My readers like the suspence sprinkled in my novels. Using new words even improves my English.

  • What kind of writing you do? How do you source ideas for your writing?

Trijal:- The genre of my novels is adventure fiction. I love writing novels which excites my readers. I usually write short novels which one can read anytime, anywhere. Once I think of an Idea, I start to think more about it and then I start writing. I do not get Idea, I think of an idea. I simply think of an idea and write everything about it after critical thinking.

  • Describe your writing journey in one word/quote. What is best compliment you received as an author?

Trijal:- "I started as a sapling yet to nourish, Now I am a budding flower yet to flourish."

The best compliment I have ever recieved is from a school teacher of mine (Mrs. Gargi Mam), She told me that today you are making our school proud, tomorrow you will make your state proud and one day you will make our nation proud.

  • What do you do apart form writing and How do you find time to write?

Trijal:- Writing is a side hobby of mine. I love coding, playing cricket, reading novels and making complex robotics tinkered objects. Whenever I get free time(Like on Sundays and I get a hours after coming from school) I write. It relaxes me, I do any work from great zeal and with great energy but writing energizes me even more.

  • Tell us about your book Why should the reader read it?

Trijal:- The adventure they had was my first book. It is an adventure novel and for those readers who think that the price is high, for them it is an information that it contains 2 short novels in 1 book. The main reason that you should read my first as well as second novels are:-

1. They excite the reader as suspence is sprinkled and keeps the reader hooked till the end.

2. They improve your vocabulary and reading skills.

3. The chapters are short and you can read them whenever you want to read.

4. It is among those books that not only teens but even adults will enjoy.

They belong to the adventure fiction zenre.

  • How was your experience working with Navi Encre Publication?

Trijal:- Navi Encre gives wings to the piece of writings, by this I mean that it publishes the piece of writings that are worth publishing. Navi Encre has not only published my books but also improved the mistakes in my writing. If my readers want me to describe working with navi encre in 2 lines then I would say, It is the best publishing company you can ever imagine because it not only publishes the books but it enhances the skills of authors, polularises the authors and etc.

  • What are your future goals in writing world?

Trijal:- I wish to make an entire series of "The adventure the had" with atleast 10 volumes. I then plan to try my hands on some short story books and some poems.

  • What suggestions will you give to aspiring writers?

Trijal:- I would like to just give one suggestion to the aspiring authors that read more books and then you will be capable of writing books. Make reading your hobby and then your writing will enhance, I would also like to suggest to the emerging writers to once think of a content and gain more knowledge about it and then you writings will be very good. Focus on yourself, Faith on your talent and Believe on your writing skills. Take an inspiration, pick a topic and then set your goals. Maybe once you will make you nation proud.

  • Is there a message you want to share with our readers?

Trijal:- My dear readers, it is because of you that I have reached to this height. I would like to share a message with you all that " You are my everything, you have made me from a sapling to a Flower. Thanks awfully for this. Kindly promote me by reading all the books of mine and make my series successful. I am not totally perfect now but I would need your help to excel literature. Please rate the good as well as the bad qualities of my books (From whichever app you prefer). I believe that:- Don't waste time on finding your talent, Spend your time on creating a talent. Those who make fun of you, By your skills, make them silent. Once you excel in your preferred fields, You will soon be known by all. This is the way to be famous, And one day you will receive multiple shields. This is all I would say.

We hope you enjoy this interview and take some inspiration from this young writer, Trijal Raj.


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