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Book Publishing Services in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, one of the most populous and culturally vibrant states in India, is home to a burgeoning literary scene. With a rich literary heritage and a growing community of talented authors, the demand for professional book publishing services in Uttar Pradesh has increased significantly. This article explores the diverse range of book publishing services available in Uttar Pradesh and how they contribute to empowering authors and fostering literary growth in the state.

About Navi Encre Publication House

Navi Encre is renowned for its commitment to publishing quality literary fiction, non-fiction, and translations. Their discerning editorial team selects manuscripts based on their literary merit and originality.

Navi has published works by critically acclaimed authors and has an eye for discovering new talent. With a strong distribution network, they ensure that the voices of new writers are heard across the country. Their emphasis on nurturing literary talent and their reputation for publishing exceptional books make them an attractive choice for aspiring writers.

Navi has revolutionized the Indian publishing landscape by adopting a digital-first approach. They offer a user-friendly submission process and provide editorial guidance to new writers. Their emphasis on e-books and mobile publishing has made them popular among young readers and emerging writers seeking accessibility and visibility in the digital realm.

Book Publishing Services Offered by Navi Encre

Navi Encre Publication House typically offers a range of book publishing services to help authors effectively publish their books. Here are some common book publishing services provided by Navi Encre:

1. Editing and Proofreading

Professional editing and proofreading services are essential to ensure the book is polished and error-free. Navi has editors who work closely with authors to refine the manuscript and improve its overall quality.

2. Book Formatting and Layout

Proper formatting and layout play a significant role in enhancing the readability and aesthetic appeal of a book. Navi can handle the formatting and layout process, ensuring that the book looks professional and meets industry standards.

3. Book Cover Design

A visually appealing and professionally designed book cover is crucial for attracting readers. Navi has in-house designers who can create eye-catching covers that align with the book’s genre and target audience.

4. Website Development Services

Navi Encre Publication House offers website development services as part of its comprehensive author support and book promotion packages. Here are some aspects of website development services provided by Navi Encre – Design and Layout, Custom Website Features, Responsive Design, Content Management System (CMS), SEO, etc.

5. ISBN Allocation

Navi also provides International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) allocation services as part of their publishing packages or as standalone services like ISBN registration, ISBN assignment, Barcode generation, ISBN distribution, ISBN ownership, and more.

6. Author Consultation and Mentorship

Navi Encre often provide author consultation and mentorship programs, guiding aspiring writers through the publishing process. They offer advice on manuscript preparation, book marketing, and navigating the publishing industry, empowering authors with the knowledge and resources needed for success.


The availability of professional book publishing services in Uttar Pradesh has significantly contributed to the growth of the literary landscape in the state. By providing comprehensive support in Book cover design, editing, and proofreading, these services have empowered authors to bring their stories to the world.

The efforts of Navi Encre Publishing House in Uttar Pradesh have not only enhanced the quality of published works but have also contributed to the cultural enrichment and literary heritage of the state. Aspiring authors in Uttar Pradesh can now confidently navigate the publishing journey and share their stories with a wider audience, fostering a vibrant literary ecosystem.


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